07 November 2012


The Prince Who Turns Into Frog

"Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa"
( Taiwanese Drama 2005 )

Finally I come closer to Taiwanese Drama. Actually, this drama has been aired on local TV in Indonesia but I never watched it. And when my friend told me that it’s nice drama, I decided to watch it. Though a little bit too behind but it’s OK. The story is just a love fiction story. 

Shan Jun Hao (Ming Dao) is an arrogant, charismatic manager of an international hotel “Senwell”. He has a fiancee Fan Yun Xi who is his childhood friend. He plans to get married with her, but he gets an accident when he driving his car and he loses his memory. Ye Tian Yu (Chen Qiao En)  is a girl from a country who dreams to merry a rich man. She accidentally hit Jun Hao again when she drives her car home with her mother and brother. Tian Yu mistakenly believed that she is the one who caused his injures then she bring him home. When she knows that Jun Hao doesn’t remember anything about himself, she gives him a name “Dang Ou” and tells him that she is her cousin. Tian Yu and Dang Ou are getting closer and closer. They fall in a romance and in love each other.

Xu Zi Qian, the childhood friend of Jun Hao and Yun Xi, secretly has a feeling for Yun Xi. Since Yun Xi so sad and shock with the loss of Jun Hao, he always stays by her side, giving her all his support. They thought that Jun Hao is dead. In another day, Zi Qian finds that Jun Hao is staying in Tian Yu’s house. He wants to keep the secret where Jun Hao stays now but Yun Xi eventually realizes the truth where Jun Hao stays and asks Zi Qian to meet him. She is so angry knowing that Jun Hao has loosen his memories. She accuses that Tian Yu is the cause. Tian Yu promises her to let Jun Hao back to them, but when Dang Ou (Jun Hao) knew about it, he went out after Tian Yu and both of them get another accident. When Dang Ou wakes up, he is no longer Dang Ou, his memory is back as Shan Jun Hao and forget about Tian Yu and all about what he has done with her.

Everything is back to normal but both Xu Zi Qian or Tian Yu are in pain. Their love has gone. But the love between Tian Yu and Jun Hao is actually hasn’t disappeared yet. At the first time Tian Yu meets Jun Hao again, he doesn’t recognize Tian Yu as his lover but he only remember Yun Xi. To forget about their love, Tian Yu and Xu Zi Qian start dating, but Tian Yu never able to forget about Jun Hao.

Zhang Min Han, one of shareholder of Senwell hotel is really ambitious to be a General Manager and want to dig up the information about the real history Senwell owners and the relation between Xu Zi Qian and Jun Hao who are very close just like a real brother. When all was revealed by Xu Zi Qian’s mother that Xu Zi Qian is actually the rightful heir of Senwell, Xu Zi Qian's mother passed away caused by a heart attack. At this time  Xu Ziqian begins to have a mental and emotional disorders, where he really needs Tianyu to be his side. But the reality is out of the fact, when he really needed her, instead she is embracing Jun Hao at Jun Hao’s wedding reception with Yun Xi. This makes Jun Hao slowly begins to remember his memories about Tian Yu andDang Ou” finally has woken up.

Jun Hao then start telling Tian You about his heart feeling at their wedding reception in front of the guests including in front of Yun Xi a woman who has just become his wife. Knowing that it is an forbidden love, Tian Yu run away in tears. And Xu Zi Qian who saw everything also, become so upset and more violent since he thinks that Tian Yu the one that he needs right now is never think about him. His kind and gentle-hearted personality become so harsh and unkind. He push Jun Hao out of Senwell and take his passion as the real director and owner of Senwell. Fan Yun Xi later decides to divorce from Jun Hao but since her big willing to have a family with Jun Hao, she gets an emotional breakdown.

Jun Hao has been success in assuring Tian Yu about his deep feeling to her. Although Jun Hao have nothing now because Xu Zi Qian took all the materials he has, but they are so happy and start their date in a simple way.

Zhang Min Han always becomes an evil, he doesn’t satisfiy about what he got right now. He wants to be a manager of Senwell but Xu Zi Qian never put him in the top manager, Zhang Min Han is only positioned as his deputy. Then he try to destroy Senwell and at the end, Xu Zi Qian realized that what he has done is only hurt himself, he cooperate with Jun Hao again and they are able to save senwell from a wrong man. Even Zhang Min Han has change his mind as well, become a kind person. Yun Xi finally realize that she needs and loves Xu Zi Qian. So in the end, Tian Yu and Jun Hao get merried, Zu Xi Qian and Fan Yun Xi start to date and Zhang Min Han become a very kind brother for them.

Well guys, you know “Happy Ending Story” is always make us feel better hahaha that’s why I love “Happy Ending always” ^_^

15 September 2012

Korean Drama Summary "PASTA"


Cast :
Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young
Alex as Kim San

Korean Drama “Pasta” is telling about the dream of a woman Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin) to be a pasta chef at La Sfera restaurant. She started her career as a chef assistant whose duties are helping another chef to prepare anything they need in the kitchen like washing the plates, preparing food ingredients, serving some drinks for the chefs and wiping their sweat as well.

One day, she meets a man Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun) when she wants to across the road while bringing a fish, this man helps her to save her fish until she arrives at the La Sfera restaurant’s kitchen. Choi Hyun is a new chief chef in La Sfera who had ever took a culinary school in Italy. For some reason, he doesn’t like any woman in his kitchen, and this is why all the female chef are fired one by one. Yoo Kyung is the last woman who actually has been fired but she keep on standing and trying to find many kind of ways to be rehired again to be a chef. And yes, finally only Yoo Kyung could stand up in the La Sfera kitchen as a pasta chef.

Later, Choi Hyuk and Yoo Kyung have developed their feeling into romantic date. The interesting scene in this drama is about how their love develop and how then they are become the real couple. Since Choi Hyuk has a motto that no one allowed to have a date in the kitchen but finally he is disobeying his own word and have a romantic date with Yoo Kyung. The other attractive scene is the way they cook pasta, it’s very interesting and will make us drooling.

In the middle of the episode, there will be new smart female chef hired by president Kim San. Presiden Kim San is Yoo Kyung’s secret devotee. He always sends her a cactus to gives her support. President Kim san hires his friend and celebrity chef Sae-young as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook. It turns out that Sae-young and Hyun-wook used to date each other when they were both studying at the Italian culinary school. But they broke up after Sae-young sabotaged his wine by boiling it to win a cooking contest. They turn into rivals and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. Working alongside two celebrity chefs, Yoo-kyung feels small and insignificant. However, restaurant owner Kim San begins to become attracted to the spunky Yoo-kyung and the relationships between them become fraught with complexities.

This K-drama is a happy ending story because in the last, Yoo Kyung and Choi Hyuk will be the real couple out or in the kitchen. Choi Hyuk then realize that he did the inequitable thing to the female chef. He apologize to them and bring them back to La Sfera restaurant. President Kim San start to close with Sae Young. And everyone get their happiness ^_^ I recommend this K-drama to you my blog reader, especially for you who really like romantic and culinary story.


24 April 2012

The Great Queen of Seon Deok Synopsis


Mean Cast :
Lee Yoo Won as Deokman or Seondeok Queen
Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dam
Ko Hyun Jung as Mi-shil
Uhm Tae Woong as Kim Yusin

The story is about the Queen of Seondeok (Lee Yo Won) who was born as one of twin princess in Silla dynasty. She is the 27th possessor and the first empress in Silla dynasty. She is so beautiful, smart and charismatic woman. Her child name is Deokman and she was discarded when she was a baby and her adopted parents take care of her in desert. She lives with the common people and stay far away from the palace.

To know about herself and who her parents are, she enters Silla Kingdom and masquerades as a man. She helps her twin sister Chonmyong princess against Lady Mi-shil who has a scheming to eliminate and kill both twin princesses. Mi-shil is willing to control Silla Kingdom. Mi-shil is an ambitious woman who live as a shaman in the palace. She is such a cruel and sly woman but she’ll die by drinking a poison. She committed suicide to protect her pride.

Mi-shil has succeed in killing princess Chonmyong and Deokman feels so angry. She wants to take a revenge to Mi-shil who has killing her twin sister. Deokman will be the first empress in Silla kingdom, helped and supported by Kim Yusin General and also Bi Dam. Both of this men are falling in love with Deokman, but Kim Yusin finally gets married with one of minister’s daughter from  Mi-shil side. Yusin got married with another woman to protect princess Deokman from Mi-shil’s malicious intent. Kim Yusin keeps on Queen Seondeok side and keeps in protecting her until the Queen pass away. Bi Dam falls in love with Seondeok Queen with his own way. He actually is Mi-shil’s son, but he helps Deokman to be an empress. He is an ambitious man, cruel and sly, just almost the same with Mi-shil but his love makes him to be a kind person to Seondeok Queen only.

In the end, Bi Dam rebels because he thought that Deokman betrays him and asks some people to kill him which actually done by Mi-shil’s vassals. He dies in front of Deokman (Seondeok Queen) while whispering Deokman’s name. The Queen of Seondeok and Bi Dam has fallen in love each other but their love may be could only be united in heaven.

This Kdrama is full of intrigue and conflicts but I suggest you to watch it. So far every episode of this Kdrama is nice to watch. When you decide to watch the first episode, you’ll be hooked and want to watch the next episodes of this Kdrama. The artists are so beautiful wearing Korean royal cloths and the men are good looking as well.

Sambisari Temple Indonesia


I’m writing about Yogyakarta today. So everyone, no drama today but I promise you I’ll write it in the next day. Ah, before I continue writing, I’d like to say, so sorry if my grammar is not too good. Well, I just try to write what I like and just wanna share with all of you who have read my blog, the most important thing that I hope you catch what I mean. Thank’s for your understanding. And don’t worry, I’ll try to correct the mistakes in my spare time.

Last Saturday, I had to accompany my daughter to follow her school outdoor program at “Sambisari Temple”. It was my first time to visit this temple. The area is not too large but beautiful enough. Sambisari temple is located in Sambisari village, Purwomartani, Kalasan, Sleman Yogyakarta – Indonesia. It is at 12 Km the east of Yogyakarta and we can reach there by car or motorcycle.

Sambisari temple was built by one of Sailendra King in the 9 century. There is a beautiful garden in front of the temple, completed with the blossom flowers, and the temple is lie down stairs. It’s amazing! I think some archaeologist had been dug the temple a long time ago, so it looks like in the underground or in the wallow.

23 April 2012

The Relation of Face, Mind and Love Synopsis

The Relation of Face, Mind and Love
Also known as Love is Blind
(Eolgulgwa Maeumgwa Sarangui Gwangye)
November 2009

Cast :
Lee Ji Ah as Wang So Jung
Kang Ji Hwan as Kang Tae Pung

    The story begin with a car accident happens to a young talented and charming architect Tae Pung Kang (Kang Ji Hwan). It resulted temporary visual impairment in his eyes, makes beauty appear ugly and vice versa. He will see an ugly woman as a beautiful woman and when he looks at the beautiful woman, he will see her as an ugly woman. His eyes couldn’t see the real image. He sees someone or even something contrary with the original one.

    One night, Tae Pung meets a drunk woman in front of his house. He recognizes her as the most beautiful woman he has ever met, he thinks that she is like a goddess. She is Wang So Jung (Lee Ji A), a fauna magazine journalist. Everyone look at So Jung as an ugly woman but Tae Pung sees vice versa in her. So Jung loves Tae Pung at once since no one tells her that she is beautiful and beside Tae Pung is a handsome and romantic man.

    Both of them feel passionate love but one day, So Jung has to go to China for several days connecting with her job. Tae Pung promises to marry her when she’ll come back from China. However Tae Pung’s eyesight suddenly is back to normal. He couldn’t recognize So Jung anymore, indeed when So Jung stands up beside him, he doesn’t recognize her at all, he just thinks that she is a strange woman.

    So Jung feels so disappointed and upset. She doesn’t want to deal with him anymore and stay away from him. Tae Pung gradually realizes, only So Jung in his heart, he start realizes that in fact he has fallen in love with So Jung as a woman though she has an ugly face. He comes to her once more , telling her that he loves her and want to marry her. Since So Jung still loves him, her disappointed heart melts down and she’s back to Tae Pung’s arms.  They finally held their marriage, but So Jung run away. She misunderstand, she thought that Tae Pung still think about his ex-girlfriend.

    Several months later, So Jung gets an accident and she gets the same impaired vision as Tae Pung last time. And when she meet Tae Pung, she sees him as an ugly man. Then Tae Pung asks her to close her eyes, touching his face and open her heart. At last So Jung recognizes that he is really Tae Pung, the one she loves and they’re embracing each other. Happy End ^^

    17 April 2012

    Astrid Feat Tim "Saranghamnida" Lyric

    ASTRID FEAT TIM by Susan Nagisa

    Mengapa engkau tega mencuri hatiku
    Tanpa seijin aku lebih dulu
    Memaksaku membuatku
    Lemah tak berdaya
    Geude saranghamnida

    Nabbayo cham geudaeraneun saram
    Heorakdo eopsi wae naemam gajyeoyo
    Geu dae ddaemune nan himgyeoge salgoman itneun de
    Geu daen moreujanayo

    Aku bahkan tidak seindah
    Kutakseindah kedipan matamu
    Tapi dapatkah kau berikan senyummu untukku
    Walau itu bukan cinta
    Tapi aku memohon
    Birok sarangeun anirado Eonjenga hanbeonjjeumeun dolahbwajugetjyo (Tim)
    Hooo aku menunggumu sampai akhir (Astrid)
    Oneuldo chama motan gaseumsok hanmadi (Tim)
    Hanya satu kata (Astrid)
    Geudae saranghamnida (Astrid&Tim)
    Kemarin aku tertidur (Astrid) Geudael geurida jamdeuleotnabwayo (Tim)
    Ketika aku terbangun air mataku jatuh (Astrid)
    Sirin geudaeireum gwa (Tim)
    Lalu aku memohon (Astrid)
    heotdoen baraembbunin nakseoman
    Eonjenga hanbeonjjeumeun dolahbwajugetjyo
    Hooo aku menunggumu sampai akhir (Astrid)
    Oneuldo chama motan gaseumsok hanmadi (Tim)
    Hanya satu kata (Astrid)
    Geudae saranghamnida (Astrid & Tim)

    Kali ini aku melihatmu lagi (Astrid)
    Geudae dwitmoseubeul barabomyeo (Tim)
    Heureuneun (Astrid & Tim)
    nunmulcheoreom sorieopneun geumal (Tim)
    Bagai air mata (Astrid)
    Guede saranghamnida (Astrid & Tim)


    Why do you take my heart like this
    Even without my permission
    Pushes me …makes me ….
    So weak and hopeless
    I love you

    So bad, a person a like you..
    Why did you take my heart without my permission?
    I’m living with so much difficulty
    But you don’t even know

    I’m even not as picturesque as the blink of your eyes
    But could you give me your smile to me ?
    Though it’s not love But I beg you ….
    Even it’s not love Please turn back just once sometime
    I’m waiting for you till the end …
    Again its the one word in my heart that I cant keep inside
    Only one word
    I Love You

    Yesterday I fell asleep
    And I think I fell asleep grieving for you
    When I woke up, my tears fell down
    The tears had smudged And I pray …
    Your name and hopeless doodles
    lease turn back just once sometime
    I’m waiting you till the end
    Again its the one word in my heart that I cant keep inside
    Only one word
    I Love You

    This time I see you again
    See you back when you leave me
    I say those words silently with tears …..
    I Love You

    11 April 2012

    Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inhertance


    The story start when Eun Song (Han Hyo Joo) who take a collage in New York asked to back home by her father. Whereas she is still in 4th semester. In the same time, Sun Woo Hwan is also asked to be back home in Korea by his grand mother after he has studied in New York for 3 years. They are in the same plane and by accident they miss brought their bags which have similar color and they both don’t realize it until they arrive in their home.

    Eun Song’s father Koh Pyeong Jung asked her to be back to Korea because his company is in collapse and almost bankrupt but he keeps this secret from his family, till some misunderstanding come to his life. His wallet is stolen by a thief including his identity card and also credit card. The thief is become one of the victims in the explosion happen in a tavern. The police found Eun Song’s father identity card and there was an error in the identification of the victim body. They thought the death thief is Eun Song’s father.

    Koh Pyeong Jung decides to let the miss identification to save his family. He wants that his family will get the insurance money from his death. But he doesn’t realize that his new wife will drive out her daughter (Eun Song) and his autistic son. His new wife dominates all the insurance money with her daughter Seong Mi. Actually, Eun Song’s father has got his second marriage after Eun Seong’s mother passed away. His new wife also has a daughter Seong Mi.

    After Eun Seong and her autistic brother are driven out by her step mother, they live with Eun Seong’s best friend and she even help Eun Seong to get a job as a waitress in a night club, and Go Eun Woo (Eun Seong’s brohter) is with her friend’s boy friend. Though she worried about her brother but she has to work for some money.

    One day, Eun Seong meets Seon Woo Hwan who is celebrating his sister’s birtday in the night club where Eun Seong works in. Hwan pulls her directly and asks her to give his bag back. Hwan accuses her that she has sold the bag so she doesn’t want to give his bag to him. Eun Seong tries to explain to him that the when she promised to meet him and to give his bag, she heard about her father death. But Hwan doesn’t want to hear all about her explanation. And when Eun Seong have to call her brother, her hand phone is trampled by Hwan and her brother is dessapear.

    Eun Seong looks around to find her brother until late at night but she couldn’t find him everywhere. She was helped by Park Jun Se, the man who then loves her though she doesn’t have the same feeling with him. Eun Seong decide to work for some money while looking for her brother. She sells dumplings in the corner of the street. She then meets an old woman who loses her memories. This old woman actually is Woo Hwan’s grand mother and also CEO of Foods company. Eun Seong asks her to live with her in her boarding house. Eun Seong doesn’t know that her brother was left out of the town by her step mother and he was found by a kind couple.

    The old woman has remembered of all her memories and she want to leave all of her properties to Eun Seong, whereas this old woman has two grand children (Woo Hwan and her sister) and also her daughter in law. She tells Eun Seong, if she agrees to live in her house, she will help finding her lost brother. And Eun Seong finally is living in her house which the same house with Woo Hwan.

    Hwan and Eun Seong always fight. They are not in a good relationship. Hwan accuse her that she just wants to take all his grand mother properties. His sister and his mother also hate Eun Seong. Her step sister Seong Mi loves Hwan since she was in high school. When her step mother and sister knew that she is living with Hwan’s family, her step mother tells her that she has to keep the secret that they have known each other as a family. And another guy who refuses the decision of Hwan’s grand mother who want to leave all her properties to Eun Seong is Park Jun Se’s father who also the lawyer of Hwan’s family. He asks Jun Se to work in that food company but he refuses it because he has fallen in love with Eun Seong. He is always ready to help Eun Seong if she is in troubles or difficulties.

    Love is growing slowly in the heart of Eun Seong and Hwan. They are falling in love each other without they realize it. And Hwan has changed to be a good and kind man. He apologizes to her about all bad things that happen to her and start showing his love to her. But Seong Mi’s mother (Eun Seong’s step mother) doesn’t like their relationship. She asks Eun Seong to leave Hwan because Seong Mi will get married with him soon. Seong Mi is so jealous to Eun Seong and she tells the grand mother that Eun Seong and her are family and all of Hwan’s family so surprise to know it. The grand mother is really disappointed to Eun Seong and then Eun Seong decides to leave Hwan’s house and back to her boarding house. But even in the different house, Hwan and Eung Seong’s love never change.

    Eun Seong father finally shows up. He is so angry with his wife who has driven out his daughter and son. Eun Seong’s brother is also found, and they know why this little boy disappeared. With all happen, Eun Seong’s step mother and sister realize what bad things that they have done. Eun Seong is planning to go to USA, accompanying her brother studies about music. Firstly Hwan doesn’t want to separate from her but he accept Eun Seong’s decision because for her brohter’s goodness. They are as a lover now though will be separate for a few years but love will tight their hearts.