09 Maret 2012

I Give My First Love To You Synopsis



Masaki Okada as Takuma Kakunouchi
Mao Inoue as Mayu Taneda
Natsuki Harada as Teru Uehara
Yoshihiko Hosoda as Kou Suzuya

This time, I’m gonna tell you about Japanese Movie that I’ve watched. “Boku no Hatsui wo Kimi ni Sasagu” or in English “I Give My First Love to You”. It is an old movie published in 2009 but it’s very interesting movie, for you who like romantic and never ending love story. Don’t forget to provide some tissues because I’m sure your tears won’t stop falling down ^_^

This Movie is telling about a young man “Kakunouchi Takuma” who has heart disease. He has known that he will not stay a live more than 20 years old since he was child. “Taneda Mayu” is his only girl friend he wanna share with. She is the daughter of his doctor. Whenever Mayu knows about Takuma short life, she goes to the garden and try to find five leafs clover so she can make a wish that Takuma will dot die and have a long life while crying. Takuma is sad and confused seeing Mayu’s tears and tell her that when he has been adult he will merry her.

Time flies, Takuma is growing up to be a handsome boy and he start realizing, he will give Mayu empty future because he knows he will die soon. He tries to move himself away from Mayu. He couldn’t stand seeing Mayu cries and hurt anymore. After Junior High School, Takuma enters favorite High school that he thought Mayu can’t pass to get this high school but he is so surprise to know Mayu has been in the same school with him. When she have to give a speech as new student representative, she tell him even he keep a distance from her, she will move closer to him.

This time Mayu meets Kou who tell her that he loves her and want her to be his girlfriend but Mayu refuses him since her heart is for Takuma only. While Takuma meets Teru his elementary school’s friend. She is also in ill and dying. Takuma promised her to give her a kiss before she dies but she dies when Takuma hasn’t given any kiss yet. Of course Mayu gets jealous when Takuma was too close to Teru.

Kou who knows that Takuma will be no longer a live, given a challenge by Takuma to run a 100 meters race and the one who will lose in this race, he have to move a way from Mayu. Takuma wins the race and he ask Mayu to make a date in the other day. But in the same time when Mayu and Takuma are dating, Kou is hit by a van when he is crossing the street. The doctor says he gets brain-died and only could stay a live with the aid of the hospital equipments.

Mayu’s father who is also Takuma’s doctor said that there is a possibility to get heart donation from a coma patient. And Mayu found that the patient is Kou and she keep the truth from Takuma. Eventually Takuma knows it and refuses the donation. Meanwhile, Kou’s parents also refuse to donate their son heart to Takuma since they feel there may be still a chance for Kou to wake up from his coma because they saw his falling tears. Mayu begs them many time but it useless, no parents want their children die whenever there is a hope to make the children stay a live.

Then, Takuma gets a heart attack and he immediately brings to the hospital. The doctor says, he will not be able to be alive this time. In his sleep Takuma make a wish to give him one short time to meet Mayu. And like a miracle, he wakes up from his bed and asks Mayu to go to many places and they are kissing. He tells Mayu that he is very lucky and happy to meet her in his rest of life and he gives her a letter that he had written when he was eight years old.

When they arrive in the hospital, another heart attack comes to him again. The doctor tries to help him in many ways but at last he died. Mayu cries loudly and she runs to the roof and read the letter given by Takuma. In this letter, little Takuma wrote that he wanted to see everyone to be happy when he was gone.

Dr Takahito (Mayu’s father) is sitting down on a bench facing the church. In the church, Mayu is wearing wedding dress while holding Takuma ashes tube. She says :

“Takuma, our dream finally comes true, but this is not easy.
Takuma, I am still alive is a sad thing.
But ..you know, there is no regret at all, because I’ve met you and I love you.
If I could meet you once more or even I knew what the sad risk that would wait for me,
I would still fall in love with you again.”

This is the ending, sad ending but really romantic …endless love …. Never forget this drama and also the OST sung by Ken Hirai really touching.


ken hirai - aishiteru.mp3
ost.i give my first love to you - ken hirai - boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru.mp3

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  1. hey i wanna ask where can i watch dis ?

  2. Hi Evillie,
    May be You can watch this here http://www.dramafans.org/drama/i_give_my_first_love_to_you :)) thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

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