15 September 2012

Korean Drama Summary "PASTA"


Cast :
Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young
Alex as Kim San

Korean Drama “Pasta” is telling about the dream of a woman Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin) to be a pasta chef at La Sfera restaurant. She started her career as a chef assistant whose duties are helping another chef to prepare anything they need in the kitchen like washing the plates, preparing food ingredients, serving some drinks for the chefs and wiping their sweat as well.

One day, she meets a man Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun) when she wants to across the road while bringing a fish, this man helps her to save her fish until she arrives at the La Sfera restaurant’s kitchen. Choi Hyun is a new chief chef in La Sfera who had ever took a culinary school in Italy. For some reason, he doesn’t like any woman in his kitchen, and this is why all the female chef are fired one by one. Yoo Kyung is the last woman who actually has been fired but she keep on standing and trying to find many kind of ways to be rehired again to be a chef. And yes, finally only Yoo Kyung could stand up in the La Sfera kitchen as a pasta chef.

Later, Choi Hyuk and Yoo Kyung have developed their feeling into romantic date. The interesting scene in this drama is about how their love develop and how then they are become the real couple. Since Choi Hyuk has a motto that no one allowed to have a date in the kitchen but finally he is disobeying his own word and have a romantic date with Yoo Kyung. The other attractive scene is the way they cook pasta, it’s very interesting and will make us drooling.

In the middle of the episode, there will be new smart female chef hired by president Kim San. Presiden Kim San is Yoo Kyung’s secret devotee. He always sends her a cactus to gives her support. President Kim san hires his friend and celebrity chef Sae-young as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook. It turns out that Sae-young and Hyun-wook used to date each other when they were both studying at the Italian culinary school. But they broke up after Sae-young sabotaged his wine by boiling it to win a cooking contest. They turn into rivals and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. Working alongside two celebrity chefs, Yoo-kyung feels small and insignificant. However, restaurant owner Kim San begins to become attracted to the spunky Yoo-kyung and the relationships between them become fraught with complexities.

This K-drama is a happy ending story because in the last, Yoo Kyung and Choi Hyuk will be the real couple out or in the kitchen. Choi Hyuk then realize that he did the inequitable thing to the female chef. He apologize to them and bring them back to La Sfera restaurant. President Kim San start to close with Sae Young. And everyone get their happiness ^_^ I recommend this K-drama to you my blog reader, especially for you who really like romantic and culinary story.


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