17 November 2011

Traditional Batik Gajah Oleng


Gajah Oleng has so many meanings, some say “Oleng” is as big as an elephant (Gajah), Oling is an animal that is similar to an rice field eel but it have ears. Others say that, “Gajah Oleng” is a special weapon of Banyuwangi. Since Batik Banyuwangi is including one of coastal batik, so the motifs and the colors is like a freedom.

This “Gajah Oleng” batik motif, motivated by the heroism of Blambangan society who don’t want to be "colonized" so that the word "Sing" which is the name of the Banyuwangi original ethnic. “Osing” means they don’t want to be the same as Batik from Mataram or Bali, then bring out different batik motifs and colors.

Batik Gajah Oleng symbolizes something forces, which grew from the Banyuwangi community identity. Its meaning related to the character of a religious community. With the mention of Elephant eling, which means being aware of (considering) the creator's wisdom is a good way to live a life of Banyuwangi.

In addition, the connection with the mysterious figure in the history Blambangan. Conquest Blambangan by Mataram, which at the time of Sultan Agung Hanyokro Kusumo (1613-1645 M). Where is the power of Mataram, many subject Blambangan brought to the center of Muslim rule in Plered Mataram, Kotagede. They are a lot of batik learning in the Islamic Mataram palace.

History of batik has been known by tradition palace in Java since the 15th century. In particular, in the reign of Sultan Agung. After a development period of political interests mutualism occurs, by setting the tradition of batik as a tradition of an identity. Mastery of the culture that surrounded her. Interestingly, the figure of a typical batik Banyuwangi unaffected Mataram or any element of Bali.

Less gregetnya batik in Banyuwangi does not mean do not have the aesthetic value of decorative architectural or decorative ornamental. Precisely cultivate Banyuwangi batik means digging back in terms of aesthetic value or Blambangan scattered on the existing remnants of Archaeology.

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